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25.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Mashex-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Mashex-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №C261, hall №3 at the 17th international exhibition of equipment and technologies of metalworking and working of composite materials "Mashex-2014", which will be organized from 28 to 31 October in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", pavilion №1, Moscow, Russia.

24.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №В222 , pavilion №1, hall №2 at the international specialized exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014", which will be organized from 14 to 17 October, 2014 in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" (Moscow, Russia).

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THK was founded in 1971 in Japan, and now is one of the world leaders in the field of manufacture of guiding systems for linear motion having offices in Asia, America, Europe. THK linear guideways are used in the field of machine building, medical technology and electronics industries. The company "Zetek" is the official partner of THK Group in Russia and sells the following THK products: ordinary linear guideways; ball linear guideways; roller linear guideways; miniature guideways; flat and telescopic guideways.


 The range of products manufactured by THK, includes the following types of products:

Ball profile rail linear guideways THK with the flexible separator

Rail guideways THKLinear guideways of THK SHS 15..65, THK SSR 15..35, THK SNR 25..85, THK SNS 25..85 series
Wide linear guideways of THK SHW 12..50 series 
Miniature linear guideways of THK SRS 7..25 series 
Cross linear guideways of THK SCR 15..65 series




Ball profile rail linear guideways THK

Linear guideways of THK SR 15..150, THK NR 25..100, THK NRS 25..100, THK NSR - TBC 20..70, THK SNS 25..85, THK JR 25..55 series
Wide linear guideways of THK HRW 12..60 series
Cross linear guideways of THK CSR 15..45 series
Ball linear guideways for high temperatures of THK HSR - M 1, THK SR - M 1 series

Miniature rail linear guideways THK

Miniature profile guideways of THK RSR 3..20, THK RSR - W 3..20, THK RSR - Z 7..15, THK RSH 7..12, THK RSH - Z 7..15 series
Miniature cross linear guideways of THK MX 5..7 series
Miniature linear guideways for high temperatures of THK RSR - M 1 9..20 series
Miniature linear guideways with increased resistance to corrosion of THK RSR - M 1 12..25 series

Shared rail linear guideways THK

Linear guideways of THK HR 918..60125, THK GSR 15..35 series
Linear guideways with the rack and pinion of THK GSR - R 25..35 series

Curved (cam rails) THK of HCR 12..65, HMG 15..65 series

Roller profile rail guideways THK with the flexible separator

Roller linear guideways of THK SRG 15..65, THK SRN 35..65 series
Wide roller linear guideways of THK SRW 70..100 series

Splined linear guideways THK

Splined guideways THKSplined guideways with a cylindrical nut of THK LBS 6..100, THK LBST 20..150, THK LT 4..100, THK DP 12..50 series
Splined guideways with a flange nut of THK LBF 15..100, THK LBR 15..100, THK LF 6..50, THK DPM 1220..5080 series
Splined guideways with a linear unit of THK LBH 15..50 series




Splined guideways THK with a rotating nut

Splined guideways with a rotating nut of THK LBG 20..85, THK LBGT 20..85, THK LTR 16..60, THK LTR - A 8..40 series

Linear bearings THK / Linear bushings THK 

Linear bushings THKLinear bushings of THK LM 3..60, THK LM - GA 6..120, THK LM - MG 3..40, THK LM - L 3..60, THK LME 5..80 series
Linear bushings with the flange of THK LMF 6..60, THK LMF - M 6..30, THK LMF - L 6..60, THK LMF - ML 6..30, THK LMK 6..60, THK LMK - M 6..30, THK LMK - L 6..60, THK LMK - ML 6..30, THK LMH 6..30, THK LMH - L 6..30 series




Linear rotating bushings THK

Linear rotating bushings of THK ST 6..100, THK ST - B 8..100, THK STI 6..100, THK MST 3..6, THK KS 19..38, THK BS 19..38 series

Linear units THK

Linear movement units of THK SC 6..50, THK SL 6..30, THK SH 3..20, THK SH - L 3..20 series

Precision shafts THK

Precision shafts of THK SF 3..100 series
Supports for shafts of THK SK 10..40 series

Linear guideways with the crossed rollers THK

Linear guideways with the crossed rollers of THK VR 1..18 series

Precision ball guideways THK of VB 1..15 series

Precision single axis tables THK

Precision positioning table on the guideways with the crossed rollers of THK VRT 1025..3205, THK VRT - A 1025 A ..3205 A , THK VRU 1025..91010 series
Precision positioning table on the ball guideways of THK LSP 1340..25150, THK LS 827..1077, THK LSC 1015..1550 series

Linear rolling contact bearings THK

Linear rolling contact bearings of THK LR 4095..50130, THK LR - Z 1547 Z ..3275 Z , THK LRA 4095..50130, THK LRA - Z 1547 Z ..3275 Z , THK LRB 4095..50130, THK LRB - Z 1547 Z ..3275 Z , THK LRU 22.2..76.2 series

Actuators THK / Linear modules THK

Actuators with the ballscrews of THK KR 15..65, THK GL 15/20 series
Actuators with the flexible separator of THK SKR 33..46 series
Actuators with a belt drive of THK GL 15/20 series

Ballscrews THK with the flexible separator

Ballscrews with the flexible separator of THK SBN 32..50, THK SBK 36..55, THK HBN 32..63 series

Ballscrews THK

Ballscrews THKHigh precision ground ballscrews of THK BIF 16..50, THK BNFN 16..50, THK MDK 4..14, THK MBF 4..14, THK BNF 16..50, THK BNK 4..25, THK DIK 14..63, THK BNFN 16..100, THK DKN 40..63, THK BLW 15..50, THK BNF 16..100, THK DK 14..63, THK MDK 4..14, THK BLK 15..50, THK WGF 8..50, THK BNT 14..45 series

Ground ballscrews with rotating nut of THK DIR 16..40, THK BLR 16..50, THK BNS - A 8..40, THK BNS 16..50, THK NS - A 8..40, THK NS 16..50 series

Rolling ballscrews of THK JPF 14..40, THK BTK 10..50, THK MTF 6..12, THK BLK 15..50, THK WTF 15..50, THK CNF 15..30, THK BNT 14..45, THK BLR 16..50 series



Swing rings THK

Slewing bearings of THK RU 20..350, THK RB 20..1250, THK RE 20..600, THK RB - USP 100..600, THK RE - USP 100..600, THK RA 50..200, THK RA - C 50..200 series

Bearing rollers THK

Bearing rollers of THK CF 5..30, THK CF - A 3..30, THK CFN - R - A 5..12, THK CFN - A 6..30, THK CFT 6..30 series


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