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25.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Mashex-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Mashex-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №C261, hall №3 at the 17th international exhibition of equipment and technologies of metalworking and working of composite materials "Mashex-2014", which will be organized from 28 to 31 October in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", pavilion №1, Moscow, Russia.

24.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №В222 , pavilion №1, hall №2 at the international specialized exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014", which will be organized from 14 to 17 October, 2014 in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" (Moscow, Russia).

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ProNet servo-drivers

Servo drives of ProNet series have an arising additional features: feedforward and feedback control of the stroke, feedforward and feedback control of the acceleration, speed control and control of the inertia level. All this features have allowed the servo drives of ProNet series to improve its efficiency by more than 3 times as compared with classmates. Furthermore, for achieving optimum performance of the product, online mode of the workload level control, the checking of inertia level and gain control are available for this series.

Servo ProNet

Features of ProNet series

High productivity

Servo drives of ProNet series can be supplied with a 17-bit serial encoders that allows to increase the positioning precision, the stable operations at the low speeds and increas of the productivity due to fast system feedback.

Simplicity and convenience of setting

Servo drives of ProNet series are characterized by their easy exploitation due to the possibility to automatically determine the mechanical characteristics of the work system. Also servo drives have an automatic setting function, which helps to reduce debug time of equipment and ensure easy performing of operations.

Expansion module

Servo drives of ProNet series are designed with the possibility of interface functional expansion, through a special module that allows the user to add other communication interfaces to better meet the needs of use. To provide flexibility in the operation of the system, the servo drive of ProNet series plays a leading role in providing of the functional expansion. By means of various modules the functionalities of ProNet series can be extended for application in the systems of different communication interfaces, including feedback.

Variety of communication interfaces

Connector forServo drives of ProNet series are available in the configuration with the communication port RS485, that is used in the network protocol ModBUS, and communication port CAN, that is used in network protocol CANopen. The communication protocols EtherCAT and Profibus are available by using the external module connected to the servo drive.

Module DP100

Module DP100There are so many solutions in the industrial automation area which are based on the network protocol Profibus. Module DP100 supports the profile of the network protocols Profibus DP and can be used for functional expansion of the ProNet series interface to reduce costs of the project.



● Automatic finding of the data rate in the transmitting bus (9.6kbps - 12Mbps).
● Free distribution of the module address for data transmission to any servo drive.
● Ability to exchange the periodic data DPV0 channel DPV0.
● Ability to read and write non-periodic data through channel DPV1.
● Ability to make the isochronous sampling control of the interesting parameters due to DPV2.
● Module supports a specialized application profile PROFIdrive, oriented to position control.

Servomotor ProNet servo-driver ProNet-E servo-driver
Type Мощность Модель 200 В 400 В 200 В
Average level of inertia Small EMJ — 3000 rpm 0,2 кВт EMJ-02 ProNet-02   ProNet-E-02
0,4 кВт EMJ-04 ProNet-04   ProNet-E-04
0,75 кВт EMJ-08 ProNet-08   ProNet-E-08
1,0 кВт EMJ-10 ProNet-10   ProNet-E-10
Average EMJ — 2000 rpm 1,0 кВт EMG-10 ProNet-10   ProNet-E-10
1,5 кВт EMG-15 ProNet-15   ProNet-E-15
2,0 кВт EMG-20 ProNet-20   ProNet-E-20
3,0 кВт EMG-30 ProNet-30   ProNet-E-30
5,0 кВт EMG-50 ProNet-50   ProNet-E-50
EMJ — 1000 rpm 1,0 кВт EML-10 ProNet-10   ProNet-E-10
2,0 кВт EML-20 ProNet-20   ProNet-E-20
3,0 кВт EML-30 ProNet-30   ProNet-E-30
4,0 кВт EML-40 ProNet-50   ProNet-E-50
Big EMJ — 1500 rpm 7,5 кВт EMB-75   ProNet-75  
11,0 кВт EMB-1A   ProNet-1A  
15,0 кВт EMB-1E   ProNet-1E  
22,0 кВт EMB-2B   ProNet-2B  

Information for the ProNet series order

ProNet - 10 A M A  
ProNet - servo-driver model Rated power Power supply network tension Control type Type of an enkoder Expansion module
  02 200 W A 200 V AC M— speed control, moment control, positioning control A incremental D DP100
04 400 W D400 V AC B rezolver E EC100
08 750 W P PL100
10 1000 W
15 1,5 kW E- position, speed, control (support extended module)
20 2,0 kW
30 3,0 kW
50 5,0 kW
75 7,5 kW
1A 11 kW
1E 15 kW
2B 22 kW

Information for the ProNet-E series order

ProNet-E - 10 A  
ProNet-E - servo-driver model Rated power Power supply network tension  
  02 200 W A 200 V

ProNet-E servo-drivers are used only with incremental sensors on 2500 имп / about.
ProNet-E servo-drivers don't use expansion modules

04 400 W
08 750 W
10 1000 W
15 1,5 kW
20 2,0 kW
30  3,0 kW
50 5,0 kW


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