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25.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Mashex-2014"!

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We invite you to visit our stand №C261, hall №3 at the 17th international exhibition of equipment and technologies of metalworking and working of composite materials "Mashex-2014", which will be organized from 28 to 31 October in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", pavilion №1, Moscow, Russia.

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We invite you to visit our stand №В222 , pavilion №1, hall №2 at the international specialized exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014", which will be organized from 14 to 17 October, 2014 in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" (Moscow, Russia).

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EDS servo-drivers

Servo drives of EDS series are used to drive two servomotors simultaneously, that allows to make full use of the chip resources processing the information, to significantly reduce the installation time and mounting space.

servo EDS

Biaxial direction

Servo drive of EDS series is more advantageous in comparison with two servo drives that use uniaxial control. Namely comparing the requirements of biaxial synchronizing, servo drives of EDS series can provide the higher productivity than the two sets of single-axis servo drives.

High productivity

Using intelligent power modules of industrial class and high-speed digital signal processor of the latest generation, the servo drives of EDS series provide the increasing of the product overload capacity by 3 times and correspond the requirements of high precision control and high speed control. Using the method of floating point, the servo drives of EDS series provide the operations with a high degree of precision and complex algorithms. Using the automatic noise control and the algorithm of velocity observation, combined with the current acceleration control, the smoothing commands and the method of inertial level identification, servo drives of EDS series have better dynamic characteristics, stability and noise resistance, which realizes a high system response, high precision, high speed and a high reliability in operations.

Function of the uniaxial positioning

Costs for intermediate device PLC are eliminated by implementing the function of the uniaxial positioning that allows to program up to 16 system nodes, and it is used in servo drives of EDS series, and by connecting the touch screen directly to the servo drive via RS232 interface. At the presence of a touch screen, user can easily program a node position, speed, acceleration and braking time, points of start and stop. Moreover, all information can be transmitted to the servo drive via RS232 interface. The user can choose the absolute values ​​or additional values of parameters for programming and configure the performing of cycles. The user also can apply the given point search function and program the speed of forward and backward searching of a reference point. In addition, it is also possible to use the external signals for step changes of parameters. In fact, users can develop their own applications to meet different needs.

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EDS  - servo-driver model on two axes

Rated output axis А

Rated power axis B

Mains voltage

Type of control

Encoder type


02   200 W

02   200 W*

A   200 V

P   positioning monitoring

C   used only with incremental encoder 2500 P/R.

04   400 W

04   400 W*

08   750 W

08   750 W*

10  1000 W

10   1000 W

Notes: * Servo drive of EDS series is equipped with servo motors with the power supply of 200W, 400W, 750W on the B axis, provides the increase of the overload capacity in two times. Servo drive of EDS series is equipped with servo motor with the power supply of 1000W on the B axis, and on the A axis it is equipped with the servo motors with the power supply of 200W, 400W, 750W, 1000W provides the increase of the overload capacity in three times.

Specifications of EDS series

Servo-driver model EDS-0810APC
Servomotor model EMJ-02APA EMJ-04APB EMJ-08APB EMJ-10APB EMG-10APA EML-10APA
Input Power supply Single-phase 200 ~ 230V +10% -15% (50/60 Hz)
Control method PWM control
Enkoder Incremental encoder 2500P / R
The operating conditions Ambient temperature / storage 0~55℃ / -20~85℃
Ambient humidity / during storage 90% RH. Humidity. / below 90% RH. Humidity. (non-condensing)
Shock / Vibration 4.9 m/s2 / 19.6 m/s2
Сonfiguration Basic installation
Position control mode Regulating impulse type Axis A / B: + sign seq. imp. against hour. p + by hour. page, the phase difference of 90 ° 2-phase. imp. (phase A + phase B)
form Axis A / B: non-insulated. Drive. line open. collector
frequency Drive. Line 500 kbit / s, unlocked. Collector: 200 kbit / s
In. / O. signals   Phases A, B, C: output lin. drivers count section. imp.: (1 ~ 2500) / 2500
Control input sequence
Enabling servomotor proportions. control (control mode is turned off.) ban forward / reverse, alarm reset, before. torque in straight. / back. guide. reset incorrect positioning
Enabling servomotor alarm reset. reset incorrect positioning signal null point
Sequence control output Axis A / B: signaling function servo, servo ready to work, the completion of positioning, velocity coincidence uses. braking device, the torque limit, start fixing the servomotor, C-pulse encoder, the move is complete and return to the zero position
built-in functions protective functions Axis A / B: Power module error IPM, overloading, speeding, wrong position, disabling the encoder, etc.
Common modes: Instant alarm when a power loss, faulty voltage (red. / Increased. Voltage level), parameter error, the error recovery system error resistor
Communication Interfaces Application RS232 interface for communication with the system settings, operational work, and status of work (in windowed mode)
display Functions Charge level, food, 7-segment 5-digit LED (встроен. function. Digits. Operates.)


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