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25.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Mashex-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Mashex-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №C261, hall №3 at the 17th international exhibition of equipment and technologies of metalworking and working of composite materials "Mashex-2014", which will be organized from 28 to 31 October in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", pavilion №1, Moscow, Russia.

24.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №В222 , pavilion №1, hall №2 at the international specialized exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014", which will be organized from 14 to 17 October, 2014 in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" (Moscow, Russia).

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New products - industrial fans (centrifugal, axial, roof).

 Fans for industrial use (centrifugal, axial)


  • Centrifugal fansCentrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans have a very wide range of characteristics and they are focused on the industrial sector. Appointment of centrifugal fans - moving of gas-vapor mixtures with different impurities. We can produce ATEX fans, using different types of materials, such as Corten, Hardox, stainless steel. We can supply galvanized fans or completely heat-resistant coating for temperatures up to 450-500 °C. Special attention is given to quality of our products.



  • Axial fansAxial fans

Axial fans are used in the fixed ventilation systems of the large industrial buildings, the residential buildings, the air handling units, the air heating systems. They have a simple design that essentially simplifies their installation and maintenance. Axial fans of high performance with blades of aluminum or polypropylene with variable angle. Used to extraction of the air, the gases, the vapors and also for drying and cooling.



  • Fans for roof (Exhaust)Fans for roof (Exhaust)

Fans for roof are used for extraction of significant amounts of non-explosive gas-air mixtures from the premises at a low pressure supply. The size and weight make it easy to mount right on the roof either separately or on the chimneys. The motor and fan are statically and dynamically balanced to ensure low noise and vibration. Lineup consists of 9 models with three-phase motor, but can be optionally equipped with a single-phase motor.


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