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25.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Mashex-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Mashex-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №C261, hall №3 at the 17th international exhibition of equipment and technologies of metalworking and working of composite materials "Mashex-2014", which will be organized from 28 to 31 October in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", pavilion №1, Moscow, Russia.

24.09.2014 | We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"!

Get an e-ticket to the exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014"Dear Partners and Clients!

We invite you to visit our stand №В222 , pavilion №1, hall №2 at the international specialized exhibition "Stankostroenie-2014", which will be organized from 14 to 17 October, 2014 in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" (Moscow, Russia).

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We can pick up analogue of Bosch Rexroth products

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth company was founded in 2001 in Germany, and now is world's leading manufacturer in the field of linear motion. The company has subsidiaries in 80 countries, and its products are used in the field of metallurgy, engineering, energy, wood industry, mining and petroleum industries. The company "Zetek" is the official partner of Bosch Rexroth in Russia and sells the following products of Bosch Rexroth: profile rail guideways; ball and roller rail guideways; modules of linear motion.





The range of products manufactured by Bosch Rexroth, includes the following types of products:

Electric drives and control elements Bosch Rexroth

Electric drives Bosch RexrothMotors for the high speeds of operation IndraDyn H: MSS series with liquid cooling. Compact servo drivers IndraDrive Cs with a power range from 100 W to 3.5 kW; inverters IndraDrive C HCS02 with the power up to 11 kW, HCS03 with the power up to 75 kW, HCS04 with the power up to 630 kW; multi-axis converters IndraDrive M: HMS - uniaxial converter, HMD - biaxial converter, HMV - power supplies.



Synchronous Motors Bosch Rexroth

Synchronous servo motors IndraDyn S: MSK - for all drive types (MSK030B-0900, MSK030C-0900, MSK040B-0450, ....), MKE - for use in hazardous areas (MKE037B-144, MKE047B-144, ... MKE118D-035), MSM - for compact drives (MSM019A-0300; MSM019B-0300; MSM031B-0300; MSM031C-0300; MSM041B-0300).

Asynchronous servo motors IndraDyn A: MAD series - with the forced cooling (fan), MAF series - with liquid cooling.

Motors for maximum torque IndraDyn T: MST series with the liquid cooling.



Profile rail guideways Bosch Rexroth

Profile rail guideways Bosch RexrothBall rail guideways of FNS 15...45, FKS 15...45, FNN 15...35, SNS 15..45, SLS 15...45, SKS 15...35, SNH 15...45, SLH 25...45, FKN 20...35, SNN 20...25, SKN 20...25, BNS 20/40, 25/70, 35/90, CYS 20/40, 25/70 series

Roller linear guideways of FNS 25...65, FLS 25...65, FXS 65, SNH 25...55, SNS 25...55, SLH 25...55, SLS 25...65, BLS 55/85    65/100 series

Roller linear guideways with integrated length measurement system of IMS-I series.

Guideways on the cam rollers



Ballscrews Bosch Rexroth

Ballscrews Bosch Rexroth

Standard ballscrews of KGT FEM-E-D series with the flange nut, KGT FDM-ED with double flange nut.





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